The Ligna audience welcomed
Woodworking made izy

An exciting and engaging talk at Ligna recently for the 7 world leading producers of woodworking machinery BIESSE, BÜRKLE, HOMAG, IMA SCHELLING, SCM, WEBER AND WEINIG introducing Woodworking made izy.

For the past 3 years, these 7 companies have worked together as a team in defining a standardized interface to connect all their woodworking machines, machine to machine, and machines to the customers’ Manufacturing Execution Systems. This means no individual interfaces need to be programmed and an overall control of the production process is readily put in place. The project has been named izy, inspired by universal languages, and it has solved a communication problem in an easy and streamlined way.

Ligna was THE venue of the year and a perfect opportunity to introduce this standardized interface to the world audience. An interactive talk conducted by Stephanie Wagner, Director at Ligna, with speakers Raphaël Prati from BIESSE who introduced the project as Chairman of the Marketing Group, Ernst Esslinger from HOMAG who highlighted the technical assets of Woodworking made izy, as Chairman of the Joint Working Group, and with live demonstrations on the standardized interface presented by Alexander Broos (UMATI).

During the talk a very interesting interview was streamed with Michael Ober (IKEA Industry) who said he expects time to be reduced heavily in the day-to-day activity in all woodworking factories. Also, a very interesting contribution from Luca Föhn (BORM-INFORMATIK) who noted how much customers from small to medium sized companies with limited budget will benefit from this much needed manufacturing asset by reducing costs in a very flexible way.

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