Created by the merger of three trade unions (CISMA, PROFLUID, SYMOP*), EVOLIS organization represents the suppliers of capital goods and machinery for manufacturing industries. It has devoted itself to promoting understanding of the strategic role that each of its members plays in boosting French manufacturing competitiveness and efficiency.

In order to raise the awareness of all private and public actors on issues related to industry such as the competitiveness of companies, productive investment and the attractiveness of manufacturing careers, EVOLIS closely works with organisations representing all sectors of the French industry and the French public authorities. EVOLIS also participates in the work of European associations of which it is one of the founding members.

With 600 member companies, employing 82,000 persons and generating more than €18 billion in turnover, 65% of which is in the export sector, EVOLIS is representative of the sector to French and European authorities.

*SYMOP has been created in 1907 and it represents the French industrial solutions for creative manufacturing.


Rue Louis Blanc , 92400 , Courbevoie, France
Members: 8