The International Furniture Manufacturing Components Exhibition (IFMAC) and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition (WOODMAC) are geared up to present ‘Top Quality Technologies for Indonesia’s Expanding Furniture Industry’ – a targeted theme and long-serving objective for the exhibitions to continue supporting the country’s furniture production growth. Together, IFMAC and WOODMAC provide an integrated one-stop solutions platform for the country’s and Southeast Asia’s furniture manufacturing and woodworking businesses to source for needs across the same industry supply chain.

By matching local furniture manufacturers with the right machinery suppliers or woodwork equipment or toolmakers that carry global-class technologies and high service excellence to serve the local production needs, the exhibitions play a significant role in helping industry players to boost their manufacturing capabilities. This would later lead Indonesia’s furniture businesses to increase their product output volume and quality to global standards deserving of greater export demands and higher domestic sales.

IFMAC and WOODMAC showcasing a wider scope and better depth of technology types – from top-grade equipment, high-performing machinery, quality solutions and high in-demand products, the exhibitions will present competitive-value selections. The staple product needs to look out for include the different range of adhesives, coatings, paints, fittings and tools, timber materials as well as their intermediary wood panels, processing, surface treatment solutions, decorative components, foam and upholstery and many other related parts required for furniture manufacturing.

This year, IFMAC and WOODMAC will also introduce many first-time exhibitors including a collected few that will represent a special feature on computer technologies to enhance the operational systems at furniture production and woodworking factories. With their advanced computer-controlled systems, Alphacam Southeast Asia, CAD + T Consulting GmbH, and Cabinet Vision Southeast Asia will show how the furniture industries can perform better with computer-aided systems in placed and allow companies to go through the digital transformation for a more modernized, faster and resource-efficient operation.

Another first this year is the group presence of German exhibitors with various expertise. Their participation will further contribute to Indonesian industry players’ knowledge on Germany’s strengths and contributions to the world’s furniture production markets. This will also pave opportunities for domestic players to learn about German’s high-quality furniture-related solutions and adopt advanced technologies from prospective partners at the Pavilion. The German companies’ demonstrations will be meaningful for local and regional players, particularly those who are sourcing for new machinery or products to gain deeper understanding of the unique offerings from German companies.

The German Pavilion will bring a 14 strong team comprising Anthon GmbH, CAD+T Consulting GmbH, Electronic Wood Systmes GmbH, Fagus-Grecon Greten GmbH & Co Kg, Furnisoft Pte. Ltd., Haeberlein GmbH, Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Homag Asia Pte Ltd, Jowat AG, Michael Weinig Asia Pte Ltd, Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH &Co. KG, Simon Möhringer Anglagenbau GmbH, Streitlein GmbH and Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG. Their presence at IFMAC and WOODMAC 2018 will demonstrate a country’s end-to-end capabilities to provide the complete supply chain needs to the international furniture market and allow Indonesian players to learn from their expertise.

The presence of international companies alongside homegrown Indonesia companies allow visitors to see the concerted contributions and partnerships of industry players to together build Indonesia’s furniture industry. Local resources and international expertise combined will further flourish the domestic market with more competitive performance and create a lucrative business landscape for the furniture trade in Indonesia. To date, IFMAC & WOODMAC has attracted many of the world’s top and new brands, emerging industry players, large-scale global manufacturers and corporate retailers into the lucrative Indonesian market over the last 6 successful editions.

For the 2018 editions, visitors can expect a fruitful exhibition that provide direct access to dedicated exhibitors who are able to introduce the right products and can offer customized deals to fit your procurement needs whether you are a small, medium size manufacturer or a large factory groups requiring machines or tools of different performance levels and cost values. IFMAC & WOODMAC 2018 welcome both industrial and corporate customers whose businesses range from furniture components and woodwork manufacturing, furniture production or ODM contract manufacturers to contractors, architects, designers, commercial buildings and residential developers as well as other related industry professionals.

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