The 2024 edition of Eurobois stood out for its diverse and balanced coverage of the whole timber industry. For primary and secondary processing, Eurobois retains its place as an exclusive venue in France for product demonstrations, enabling visitors to discover machinery in real-life operational capacity.

Other highlights of the 2024 edition included the final of the 15th European Young Carpenters Championship, with unlimited access to the entrants’ competition area. Over three days, 16 competitors under the age of 23 from across Europe spent 22 hours building sophisticated carpentry models. Hosting this European championship raised awareness across the timber sector of the importance of communicating and supporting the promotion of these careers, for which recruitment is difficult and qualified technicians are in short supply. The interior design sector consolidated its presence with a dedicated exhibition area, where visitors were able to discover the latest product releases and major developments in design with COHOME, a laboratory and life-sized demonstrator organised by the Equipementiers de l’Ameublement Français.

For getting a closer insight into the exhibition structure, have a look at the post-exhibition report and press release provided below.