Ligna 2017 has finished and now it is time for budgets. The organizer of the German fair has confirmed the international leadership and the good signals coming from the international markets. According to the official figures, Ligna occupied an area of 129,000 square meters net and hosted 93,000 visitors, of which 42,000 out of the national borders.

Eumabois has created a common area dedicated to the fair- organizers and national Associations. The survey conducted by the Eumabois Secretariat showed that the initiative was judged positively by the participants and it is very likely that the same approach will be repeated in the next edition and in other international exhibitions.

The Secretariat also gained some impressions on the event by some opinion leaders…

Luigi De Vito - SCM Division Director Machinery and Eumabois Vice-President

 “This edition confirms the strong growth in this sector and in the companies that we deal with day after day. Ligna has shown that the companies in this sector are committed to a virtuous path, created by technological research at the highest level and by fanatical attention to the needs of the customer and the market.

The technological level shown by the important actors here at Ligna has taken the woodworking sector to the level of the most advanced machine tool manufacturing industries. All of this means that, if they are faced with courage, difficulties and challenges can lead to extraordinary results.

The new format of this event has received positive feedback: I think that spreading the most representative companies out in different halls has brought benefits to all of the exhibitors.

The numbers attending this edition of Ligna confirm its importance All regions of the world are represented at Ligna. An extremely significant global presence.

As a European citizen and Vice President of Eumabois, I am pleased to highlight the great ability that European companies have demonstrated in a worldwide context such as Ligna. Also in this case, we are disproving many clichés that suggest Europe is finding global competition difficult. Europe is clearly present and is aware of its strength.”

Samuel Hänni - Lamello AG Marketing Manager and Eumabois Board Member

 “Ligna, an international marketplace, offers an excellent opportunity - including for European exhibitors - to do business with interested parties from around the world.

I am convinced that a positive trade fair experience plays a key role in a customer's decision-making process. Ligna offers a unique professional environment for this to happen.
Interaction at a trade fair is the crucial moment for reaching a joint understanding with the customer about their needs, presenting them with the ideal solution, convincing them of its merits, and making an offer.

The decisive factor for the further development and success of this initial customer relationship is above all stepping it up to become a business relationship. 

Or, in other words: yes, it is a starting point, and an opportunity to turn a customer contact into a business relationship in an ideal environment.”

And about the Eumabois common area…

 “There are things that an individual cannot achieve alone, or times when it is not sensible for everybody to conduct their own searches, applications, or negotiations: it can be more efficient and effective to take a joint approach.

Eumabois, as an association and representative of approximately 850 European woodworking companies, is the ideal partner for precisely this task.

Or, in other words: Every individual company and all national associations are able to strengthen Eumabois and also to benefit from it.”

Passing through the “Ligna concept”…                                                                             
“The hot topic at the moment is digitisation and networking within relationship fields; transitions between work steps and technologies are increasingly merging into a continual work and data process.
In that sense, the new concept made the physical proximity of the various providers more visible, but the process and networking can and must be developed much further. This is because there is still a need for additional foundations, standards, trust, processes, motivation, and a great deal of work.
Or, in other words: Digital networking generally only takes place virtually, and this was a first step to making it more tangible in a physical and visual sense.”

Arif Kacak - General Secretary AIMSAD- Turkish Woodworking Machinery and Side Industries Association
Does the good number of international visitors mean good expectations for the world foreign trade of woodworking technology?                                                           “Of course, It is important to have high quality and high number of visitors for world trade and so visitors are learning more information about other companies technologies. But there is an important point that sometimes a very high number of visitors may not be very important for trade. Because, quality of visitor’s mass is more important than its number. So, quantity and quality of visitors must be proportionate. In conclusion, LIGNA 2017 was satisfactory enough in this regard. From this point of view we are very satisfied at the LIGNA 2017.”

Is the Eumabois "common area" the perfect and correct layout in order to create sinergies between Associations and international exhibitions?

“EUMABOIS “Common Area” was chosen very well and made in terms of creating sinergies between Associatios and other international organizations.

Companies, associations and other international organizations had found a lot of opportunities for mutual communication due to this synergy that created by EUMABOIS. Besides these, Visitors who had come to the LIGNA saw all associations and other international organizations under the framework of the EUMABOIS.”

What do you think about the new Ligna concept?                                                           
“The new LIGNA layout was well designed and it was approached to visitors. And with the four thematic areas (Forestry Technology, Sawmill Technology, Wood-based Panel Production and Energy from Wood) of LIGNA fair ground was very impressive.  At this year’s fair, an open-air demonstration area was set up well. On the other hand, visitors were able to easily reach the products and exhibitors due to the new concept of LIGNA. Also visitors, that have been exhibitor world brand companies in their field were different halls and were separated into its own product groups provided beneficial atmosphere for the other participant companies.”

Wolfgang Rohner - IMA Schelling Group Managing Partner and Eumabois Board Member
“The main event for innovation in the woodworking industry is Ligna. This importance has increased the last years and in my opinion there will be no return and other shows will have difficulties to show new technologies. Local shows, such as Milano, will be more important for socializing and meeting customers.
Due to this fact woodworking people have to come to Ligna to get updated.  The interest in automation and digitalization in combination with the leading position of European manufacturers in that field will guarantee the worldwide business for the next couple of years.”


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