Structure of the Federation

Vice President and President
From left: Luigi De Vito, Director SCM Group Machinery Division / Eumabois Vice President, and Jürgen Köppel, CEO at Leitz GmbH & Co. KG / Eumabois President.

Mr. Juergen Köppel  (VDMA Woodworking) President
Mr. Luigi De Vito (ACIMALL) Vice-President
Mr. Samuel Hanni (Swiss Association - HBT) Member
Mr. Wolfgang Rohner (Austrian Association - FMMI) Member
Mr. Mustafa Sabri Erol (Turkish Association - AIMSAD) Member  
Mr. Erich Zeller (Swiss Association - HBT) Auditor

Eumabois is a non profit Federation with registered office in Brussels.
The operating headquarter is in Milano, Italy.
The fundamental bodies of the Federation are the General Assembly, the Governing Board and the General Secretariat.

The General Assembly is composed of delegates from the national associations, assisted by their respective secretaries. It shall meet at least once a year in the different member countries in turn. The General Assembly defines the key policy of Eumabois.

The President chairs the General Assembly and represents the organisation at all important events.
The General Secretariat is responsible for supporting the General Assembly and carrying out the general management of Eumabois affairs under the President.

The Governing Board consists of 5 Delegates who represent the 14 Member Associations of Eumabois.The Governing Board normally meets twice a year or whenever necessary.

The Secretariat cooperates with the Governing Board for the development of technical and standardization projects, directly or with the support of independent consultants and for the organization of promotional events and “tailored” services for the European industry of woodworking machinery and tools.

The Fair Committee meets twice a year or whenever necessary. It is formed by representatives of key European companies and considers exhibitions held worldwide.

It recommends to the Board and General Assembly the events to support.

The “Tool Group” is formed by all the European Tool manufacturers and usually meets once a year during the major exhibitions.


Code of conduct


Latest Events

20 Oct - 23 Oct
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
30 Nov - 03 Dec
Moscow Russia
11 Dec - 14 Dec
WMF (postponed)
Shanghai China



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